tx.legal is a law firm that has been providing support to blockchain startups since 2018.
We boast a database of clients who have been with us since the very start of our journey. Solving the client’s task is our key priority. Inspired by this goal, we never limit ourselves to rigid working hours or a template list of services. We adapt to your inquiries and are always excited to dive into cases that are tough to resolve.
of mind our mission.
We’ve made your peace
Over the 4 years of our work, we’ve got:
  • 60+ clients satisfied,
  • 20+ companies registered,
  • 2000+ hours of consulting services provided,
  • 10 bank accounts open,
  • 90 contracts drafted.
Our Cases
Comprehensive legal counseling for the Unique Network NFT startup, specifically throughout the process of attracting venture investment amounting to $25,000,000.
Full legal support of the Minter Network public blockchain including the DeCenter media production.
Legal support of a California-based FinTech startup in securing the investment adviser status with The United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
Developing the legal roadmap for a startup that exercises the property rights over antiquities employing NFT tokens.
Confirming a private investor’s source of funds for the blockchain.com service. The work of the tx.legal legal team resulted in the investor restoring their previously frozen assets of $1,000,000.
… and many other cases.
Our Services
We help create user agreements for apps and websites, public offers, license agreements, and software development contracts.
Drafting and assessing contracts and agreements
We provide counseling on legal and financial matters both at launch and at the following stages of development. We are confident with navigating various legal uncertainties and ambiguities that’s been existing since the birth of the industry.
Structuring blockchain projects
We assist with opening both broker accounts and accounts in foreign banks. We provide counseling on legislation that regulates countering money laundering and give advice on securing necessary financial licenses and certifications.
Continuous interaction with banking institutions and fiscal authorities
We provide support with cross-border trademark registration and protection and handle the process of creating and distributing computer software and apps.
Intellectual property protection
We review matters of reporting related to CFCs, give recommendations on avoiding double taxation and preparing reports on income tax and VAT.
Tax consulting
We help with starting a company, establishing corporate management systems, conducting comprehensive legal audit, and structuring merger and acquisition transactions.
Corporate transaction support
How This Works
You submit a request form on our website or through Telegram.
We set up a call to discuss the details, goals, and objectives of the project.
Based on the details of your inquiry, we draft a business proposal outlining the service to be rendered, the timeline of the project, the cost, and the payment procedure.
Once we negotiate all the terms and conditions, we proceed with signing a legal services provision agreement.
We start working on your project.
Cooperation Formats
Project work
Subscription service
We help you solve a specific task. For example, it can relate to creating DAO, preparing an agreement on token sale, signing an NDA, or detailing the terms of product use.
We provide you with full, comprehensive legal assistance throughout a certain period of time such as 6 months or 1 year.
The Team
A former international taxation consultant at PwC and a senior lawyer at a crypto fund, Ildar currently holds the position of the Chief Financial Officer at unique.network and of the Managing Partner at tx.legal.

A former international taxation consultant at PwC, Ruslan continued his career in the crypto industry: he held positions of a business analyst at a venture crypto fund and of a product manager at an international media on cryptocurrencies. In 2020, Ruslan joined tx.legal and has since received the Partner position.
Managing Partner

The Benefit of Working with Us
We have been working at the cryptocurrency market since 2018. Over this time, we have developed strong business relations and rapport with the major market players:

  • cryptocurrency platforms, banks, and exchanges;
  • market makers, venture investors, and incubators;
  • developers and marketing experts.

Our clients secure beneficial terms and conditions when working with all of them!
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